Cancelled - The Play

About the Playwright

   Shaun Hagen/Top Shelf PhotoM. Robert Grunwald, (or "Mike," since "M. Robert" doesn't really work in conversation) is a playwright, author, and copywriter from San Diego. Cancelled (2008) was the first play in a diverse writing career. As a copywriter, his clients have ranged from Fortune 500 companies to local non-profit organizations, and he's written articles on the home video and hotel businesses, animal care, and the writing profession itself. He is currently a contributing film writer and critic for His work in progress, the full-length play Greetings from Fort Desperation, has been described as "witty and authentic," and he's on year 12 of rewriting A Cat Named Turtle, an epic fantasy novel for children that's been described as "The Wizard of Oz in reverse, with cats."

     Grunwald lives in San Diego with his wife and their feline kids, Shtinky Puddin' and Amelia Jones.

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"It's a small acting school, but it has quite a rich history. Kate Hepburn herself once came in to use the ladies' room."